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Queen Camilla pledges not to buy new fur, said PETA

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Curator Sally Goodsir makes final adjustments to The Queen’s Coronation Dress in a special Coronation display for visitors to the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace Credits: Royal Collection Trust/ His Majesty King Charles III 2023

Buckingham Palace has confirmed PETA's long-awaited request: Queen Camilla has pledged to no long procure fur for her wardrobe, following the precedent set by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2019.

This marks Queen Camilla's inaugural stance against the fur industry, however the confirmation does not state she will not wear fur from existing pieces in the current royal wardrobes.

In response to Queen Camilla's decision, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk stated: “PETA is toasting to Queen Camilla with a glass of the finest claret for being a true queen by standing with the 95 percent of British people who also refuse to wear animal fur, as polls show. It’s right and proper for the monarchy to reflect British values by recognising that fur has no place in our society – and it makes the Ministry of Defence’s use of real bear fur for the royal guard’s caps ever more preposterous and out of touch.”

PETA's ongoing campaign to abolish the Ministry of Defence's use of bearskin for the King's Guard's caps spans two decades, with a recent exposé shedding light on the brutal practices employed in sourcing bear fur. PETA said the disturbing footage unveils the grim reality faced by bears in Canada, where they are lured with bait, shot, and gruesomely mutilated to procure their fur, potentially destined for use in ceremonial headgear like that used by the royal family.

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