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Reebok unveils collaboration with Daniel Moon

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

22 Jun 2021

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Image: courtesy of Reebok

Sportswear brand Reebok has unveiled its first collaboration with Daniel Moon inspired by the power of colour with palettes that evoke the colourists signature hair art.

The ‘Major Reebok’ capsule features a bright, colourful twist on the Reebok Classic Leather Legacy and Club C Legacy silhouettes.

Moon is one of the recognisable hair colourists in pop culture with a hair salon in Los Angeles. He has become known for bringing unconventional hair colour into mainstream style and encouraging people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds to express their individuality through colour, which Reebok states align with its vision and focus on equality and inclusivity.

Before he transitioned into hair colouring and product creation, Moon served in the Marine Corps and had the nickname “Major Moon” and he has referenced this experience within his Reebok collaboration.

Moon said in a statement: “After my service, where hair was very standardised, I made a vow to practice complete self-expression. I have my products like Major Moonshine, a hair glitter, and the Major Apron. I see the [Major Reebok] shoe as an armour that completes the colourful Major Moon wardrobe - head to toe.”

Image: courtesy of Reebok

Reebok teams up with colourist Daniel Moon

The Reebok Classic Leather Legacy’s colour palette was inspired by Moon’s most popular and requested hair colours, explains Reebok while the heel’s leather material reminds the hairstylist of a shaved head.

Commenting on the design of the sneaker, Moon explained: “The sock liner of the Classic Leather Legacy is a photograph of an actual hair piece that I worked on. It serves as a blueprint of the shoes.”

Image: courtesy of Reebok

The second silhouette, the Club C Legacy features a bright solar green and pink colour palette combined with transparent materials inspired by the Major Apron, Moon’s fashionable and functional apron used by hairdressers across the globe.

“These colours represent the same feeling of hyper freedom that my hair art brings to my clients,” adds Moon. “They instantly go in your bloodstream and change your mood to a new tier of exaggerated fun.”

The Club C Legacy and Classic Leather Legacy also include one pair of fuzzy laces inspired by Moon’s hair experience.

Major Reebok is the first of two collections between the brands and will be available to buy on Reebok.com from June 24, ranging in unisex sizes US 3.5 – 15. The Classic Leather Legacy retails for 90 US dollars and the Club C Legacy for 100 US dollars.

Image: courtesy of Reebok
Image: courtesy of Reebok
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