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Rolex tops list of most searched for second-hand brand

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Rolex via Pexels

Rolex is the most searched for brand when it comes to pre-owned luxury, according to data from For-sale.co.uk’s Second Hand Fashion Index.

Using the methodology of searching in Google with the term ‘used’ followed by brand, Patagonia and Louis Vuitton came second and third.

With the second-hand fashion market seeing unprecedented demand, fashion and jewellery remain aspirational and desirable over time, as seen by their popularity on marketplaces such as Vinted and eBay.

An analysis of the top searched brands on Vinted by country, the most popular brand in the UK is fitness outfitter Gymshark, followed by Louis Vuitton and Urban Outfitters. Germany’s favourite second-hand brand is Shein, just as in France and Poland, with Zara topping the list in the Netherlands.

Ebay remains one of the most popular marketplaces for buying and selling pre-owned luxury, including fashion. The most expensive second-hand fashion item listed on eBay at the time of publishing is a Phillip Hockley fur coat, selling for an incredible 39,000 pounds. The full-length blonde Canadian Sable skin coat features a revere collar and cuffed sleeves, with double-breasted horn button closure. This is still a bargain compared to the full price of 135,000 pounds one would pay for the same coat in Harrods.

Louis Vuitton