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Salvatore Ferragamo opens “eco-friendly” workshop

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

13 Dec 2017

Italian luxury label Salvatore Ferragamo has opened a cutting-edge artisanal centre featuring a new design and prototyping lab for men’s and women’s leather goods in Osmannoro (Florence), as it looks to safeguard its design heritage and skillset.

The workshop, which has been designed to save energy and use environmentally sustainable materials, houses an additional twenty artisans to the current team of master leather workers, expanding the design lab, as part of Salvatore Ferragamo’s vision to pass “indispensable artisanal expertise down to future generations,” while also preserving its “heritage and know-how”.

Eraldo Poletto, chief executive officer of Salvatore Ferragamo Group, said: “In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, focused on the development of artisanal products that highlight the expert skills behind made-in-Italy production, the new leather goods atelier is a space for our artisans to cultivate their professional skills and passion for innovation and research, while upholding our long-standing values of tradition and craftsmanship.

“Not only does this project celebrate Ferragamo’s leather crafting know-how, but it will also provide additional opportunities for the development of new products, as it enables us to test innovative materials and improve the quality and efficiency of various development processes.”

Salvatore Ferragamo aims to safeguard heritage and skillset with new design lab

The workshop will also be used as an “open forum” for technical excellence and creativity with the aim of promoting research into materials, the creation of style and the crafting of products that meet market demand, said the brand.

The building was improved as part of a redevelopment project to increase safety and seismic stability, as well as reconfigure it to save on energy consumption and emissions, optimise energy absorption and use energy from renewable sources, including the installation of a new solar power system.

Salvatore Ferragamo is also in the process of construction of a new logistics hub with automated warehousing in Osmannoro that is slated for completion in 2018. The logistics hub will also be designed according to the latest energy and resource consumption standards in order to qualify for LEED Platinum certification.

Images: courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo