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Skechers collaborates with artist Ricardo Cavolo

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo Credits: Skechers

Footwear brand Skechers has unveiled a collaboration with influential Spanish multimedia artist Ricardo Cavolo as the second chapter of its Visual Artist Series.

The Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo footwear capsule for women features the illustrator’s renowned flaming heart and eye imagery on a curated selection of three styles and comfort technologies.

Commenting on the collaboration, Cavolo, known for connecting folk and traditional arts with spiritual imagery and modern tattoo culture, said in a statement: “My art tells stories of characters and their experiences through images that transcend culture and time. To see them continue their journey into this new dimension, where they now walk among us, is such a beautiful concept.

“It’s lovely to see Skechers celebrating art, and how they’re bringing artists and the fashion industry together to give us this incredible experience.”

Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo Credits: Skechers

Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers, added: “Ricardo Cavolo’s art is one of a kind. Fiery, direct and straight to the heart—literally. You can feel it the moment you see it—both in his images and on the collection’s uppers, which he personally designed.

“In a world where conversations are exploring how best to protect and nurture our creative voice, we are proud to work hand-in-hand with great talent through our Visual Artist Series and show how their ingenuity inspires us. Cavolo’s symbols of love, empathy and hope are all of this, personified.”

The Ricardo Cavolo capsule is the second to debut in Skechers’ Visual Artist Series. Launched by American artist and designer Jen Stark’s hypnotic collection of iconic drip patterns this summer, the brand’s gallery of wearable art spotlights visionaries’ distinct designs on Skechers products in a run of launches during 2024.

The Skechers x Ricardo Cavolo limited-edition capsule is now available in Spain at skechers.es, the Skechers store at Gran Vía 31 and its shop-in-shop at El Corte Inglés in Madrid, and the brand’s retail location at Portaferrissa 25 in Barcelona. It will also roll out to Skechers retail stores and websites in the US and select global markets.

Ricardo Cavolo