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Weffan x Liquid Editions wins Design Futures 2022

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Fashion District by Emmi Hyyppa; Craig Smith, director of research and development at Pangaia with Design Futures winner Graysha Audren, and runners up Nicci James and Osmose Studio.

The Fashion District and Pangaia named Graysha Audren, founder of 3D woven textile company Weffan, as the winner of its Design Futures Innovation Prize 2022 for the Weffan x Liquid Editions collaboration.

This year's Design Futures challenged sustainably-driven designers and businesses to present new circular design solutions by developing ways to help longevity, zero waste, designing with waste, material cyclability, and regeneration.

Judges of the competition selected the Weffan x Liquid Editions collaboration after being impressed with the 3D woven, low-waste outfit that combines two manufacturing steps into one, merging the weaving of the fabric with the creation of the garment. A method that considers the sustainability of everything in the production process and proposes a new way to decrease garment manufacture.

As the winner, Weffan x Liquid Editions will receive a cash prize of 15,000 pounds, alongside ten consultancy hours with Pangaia, a new sewing machine from Anglo American Sewing Machines and one-year desk membership from The Trampery Fish Island Village.

Fashion District announces winner of its Design Futures 2022 – Innovation Challenge Prize

The innovative prize also named two runners-up: Osmose Studio, creators of a new restorative production model where renewable fibres are combined with organic dyes; and Nicci James, who uses the properties of wool to engineer her garments without interfacings or linings, making them easier to reprocess.

Each of the runners-up receives a cash prize of 5,000 pounds, donated by Pangaia, and all three award winners will receive complimentary professional membership of Business of Fashion and a 12-month business membership from Common Objective, with global connections, premium intelligence, and courses in sustainable fashion and manufacturing.

Craig Smith, research and development director of Pangaia, said in a statement: “Pangaia is delighted to support the Design Futures 2022 winning designers. In trying to find solutions to our industry's challenges it's important for us to collaborate and connect with creatives at various stages of the commercialisation journey. “The design futures prize is a great showcase of early-stage approaches to circular design and each of the winners has the potential to make a real difference in the fashion industry with their innovations."

There were nine sustainably driven fashion designers/brands shortlisted for the 2022 prize, including Andrew Bell, Daniel Crabtree, FibreLab, Savvas Alexander, Skins of Earth, and Y.A.N.G. (You Are the Next Generation). Each was selected for “their creativity, originality and circular design thinking, as well as the potential for their innovation to be marketed and scaled”.

Helen Lax, director of Fashion District, added: “Design Futures 2022 has demonstrated the extraordinary breadth of talent we have here in the UK. We have a real opportunity to use this momentum to advance the field of circular design, both within the industry and across other sectors, to help make a positive impact on the planet and change the fashion industry for good.”

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