By now it’s no secret to anyone that Facebook wants to transform Instagram into a shopping platform. After allowing brands to make shoppable posts, the social network is extending the functionality to influencers as well. Starting next week, Instagram users will be able to shop the looks of their favorite […]

Streetwear-focused online publication Highsnobiety is set to launch its long-awaited e-commerce platform on May 22 with an exclusive partnership to carry Linea Rossa by Prada, a sportswear line first released in the 1990s and relaunched last year, Business of Fashion reports. According to Highsnobiety […]

Mulberry is expanding its network of brick and mortar stores. The British luxury brand has announced two new store openings, in New York City and Dubai. Each conceived as immersive spaces, the new Mulberry locations complement its existing e-commerce and wholesale businesses in their respective cities. […]

The European Commission has accepted an offer by Visa and Mastercard to significantly reduce the fee European retailers need to pay to the cardholder’s bank when a tourist or online shopper makes a payment using a credit card issued outside the bloc. Known as Inter-regional interchange fees or inter-regional […]

US-based lingerie brand Parfait is aiming for 150 shop in shops across India in the next few months. As of now, the plus sized lingerie brand has 17 shop in shops. These are located at Project Eve, Jashn, Revoluzion Plus, Amydus across metros and non-metros. More such shop in shops may be opened in […]

With 51 percent of the world’s population using the Internet, it’s crucial for retailers to take a look at the latest digital trends and developments shaping the way consumers interact with their favorite brands and stores. Here are three trends likely to gain traction in 2019, according to a recent […]

OPINION The fast fashion business model in 2019 hasn’t changed much in the era of sustainability. At retail level we still see rails full of 5 euro t-shirts, piles of jeans costing less than 10 euros, and printed dresses advertised at 8.99 pounds. Even cheaper goods can easily be googled and purchased […]

Benetton has announced the opening of “numerous” new stores “in the main cities of the world” by the end of 2019 as part of its strategy to revive the brand. The first ones will be opened this Spring/Summer in Benetton’s native Italy, in the cities of Rome, Palermo and Naples, followed by stores in […]

Club Factory, a leading fashion e-com platform plans to make significant investments in warehousing, delivery, technology and marketing to become the one-stop fashion marketplace for both Indian SME sellers and consumers. The company is focusing on signing up more sellers to make further inroads in […]

Myntra is trying its best to reduce returns of products on consumers and now its offering attractive discounts to consumers who assure Myntra they won’t return the product. The aim is to reduce the high level of returns. The offer is available on apparel, lifestyle, electronics and home décor and other […]

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